Second largest research award at Notre Dame fights malaria and dengue fever

The William K. Warren Foundation endows Warren Family Research Center for Drug Discovery and Development

Notre Dame Haiti Program expands distribution of disease-preventing salt nationwide

Astrophysics workshop brings international experts together to share knowledge on galaxy formation, evolution

NASA awards career fellowship to Notre Dame astrophysicist

Notre Dame physicists celebrate announcement of Nobel Prize for Higgs discovery

NASA names Justin Crepp a Kepler Participating Scientist

Notre Dame researchers uncover keys to antibiotic resistance in MRSA

Astronomers utilize Hubble Space Telescope to find source of Magellanic Stream

Dean on Road to Discovery to raise funds for medical research reaches final leg of journey

Notre Dame-Bruker partnership promotes advancements in imaging

The 'gold' standard: A rapid, cheap method of detecting dengue virus

Notre Dame researchers put chemistry lab on paper to detect low-quality medicine

Astronomers discover light echo from supernova

Notre Dame scientists announce new results on the Higgs boson

Malawian inventor brings inspirational story to Notre Dame

Mary Hesburgh Flaherty to speak at breast cancer fundraiser

Astronomers find massive supply of fresh gas around modern galaxies

Notre Dame, Purdue physicists create novel nanostructure that has promise for quantum computation

Notre Dame receives $6.1 million NSF award to advance QuarkNet program

Notre Dame nuclear physicists receive $1.6M NSF award

Notre Dame co-hosts Charity Classic golf tournament

$5 million gift establishes Gallagher family professorships in adult stem cell research

International researchers collaborate at Parseghian scientific conference

New research leads to sensors that detect contaminants in water

Notre Dame student discovers rare star

New finding affects understanding of formation of the solar system

Golfers support NPC research through Parseghian Classic at Pebble Beach Resorts

Team of physicists finds new path toward increasing semiconductor functionality

Notre Dame physicists use ion beams to detect art forgery