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Donald Trump Could Be Disqualified Due to 55-Year-Old Ruling

Derek T. Muller, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, has filed a briefing to the Colorado Supreme Court. In it, he said that there have been several cases where presidential candidates were excluded from the ballot because they were deemed ineligible under the U.S constitution.

NASA opens door to cooperation with China on Moon rock research

The NASA move “is huge,” says Clive Neal, a lunar scientist at the University of Notre Dame. 

Major ruling looms after Colorado Supreme Court hearing on whether the ‘insurrectionist ban’ applies to Trump

“The justices struggled with whether Colorado courts even have power to hear cases like this,” said Derek Muller, an election law expert at Notre Dame Law School who filed a brief that was neutral on disqualifying Trump. 

Yes, people lie online. But it may matter less than we fear.

 In “A History of Fake Things on the Internet,” computer scientist Walter J. Scheirer proposes that much of what has been disparaged as “misinformation” is best considered under a different rubric: that of art.

China’s government can’t take a joke, so comedians living abroad censor themselves

“There are some areas where people won’t go, but it’s not typically because of government policies, but more social pressure or culture or religion,” said Michel Hockx, a professor of Chinese Literature and director of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies in University of Notre Dame.

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