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College Sports Are a Treasure. Don’t Turn Them Into the Minor Leagues.

By John I. Jenkins and Jack Swarbrick. Father Jenkins is the president of the University of Notre Dame, where Mr. Swarbrick is director of athletics.

Notre Dame says name, image, likeness rule is too easy to abuse


Less than two years after the NCAA changed the rules about college athletes using their name, image and likeness to make money, Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins and athletic director Jack Swarbrick say the new NIL system is damaging college athletics. 

Jewish parents challenge California ban on special education funds at religious schools

Nicole Stelle Garnett, a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame, told OSV News that it is “pretty clear” that the California provision distinguishing between sectarian and nonsectarian private schools’ eligibility for the funding is unconstitutional. 

A fight in Arizona over sacred land and a mine raises big issues

Stephanie Barclay, of the University of Notre Dame, who will represent the National Congress of American Indians in the Oak Flat case, says that the federal government has a history of showing “callousness, disregard and, I think, contempt” to Native American faith. 

Video on social media doesn’t show genetically modified mosquitoes

Nora Besansky, a biology professor at the University of Notre Dame who specializes in mosquitoes, notes mosquitoes only have one pair of wings while the insect in the video has two pairs.