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Bangladesh has been effective at fighting malaria. Can it eliminate the disease?


In the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh's thronging capital, deep inside a laboratory, Kasturi Haldar stares down the barrel of a microscope. 

GOP fake electors charged in Georgia try to move case to federal court

Derek Muller, an election law expert who teaches at the Notre Dame Law School, said he believes it’ll be a “heavy lift” for their argument to prevail in court.

Here’s how to actually make friends post-college

Darcia Narvaez understands this well. She’s a developmental psychologist who explores how culture and childhood experiences contribute to human flourishing.

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The Tragedy of Volodymyr Zelensky

Michael C. Desch is a professor of international relations at the University of Notre Dame.

The No. 1 personality trait linked to a long life: ‘The effects of just being positive are overstated,’ psychology expert says

While seniors might feel being positive has played a role in their longevity, the relationship between personality and aging is more nuanced, says David Watson, a former professor [professor emeritus] of personality psychology at the University of Notre Dame.

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