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Scientists finally discover one of the universe’s oldest stars

“We now know what to look for; we have a pathway,” said Timothy Beers, an astronomer at the University of Notre Dame. “If this happened locally in the very early Universe, which it should have done, then we would expect to find evidence for it.”

Why getting PFAS out of our products is so hard — and why it matters

“This stuff is toxic at incredibly low levels and it’s persistent — it stays there for hundreds of years in the groundwater, thousands of years,” said Graham Peaslee, a Notre Dame professor and researcher who’s tested many products for PFAS in his lab. 

Behind the Trump Classified Documents Controversy

First Amendment law expert Richard Garnett, a professor at Notre Dame Law School, discusses Yeshiva University temporarily suspending all undergraduate club activities after the US Supreme Court refused to step into a legal fight over recognition of a campus LGBTQ student group.

Trust in elections: Mexico shows how fast it can be lost – and regained

Mexico’s democracy isn’t often held up as an example to follow, especially “given that it’s become one of the most violent democracies in the world,” says Guillermo Trejo, professor of comparative politics at the University of Notre Dame. “But, on the electoral dimension, there are lessons for other countries.”

Equilibrium/Sustainability — Bloomberg goes big to stop petrochemical pollution

Vulnerable and unaware: “What was surprising about this group of samples was the high detection frequency of PFAS in the garments required for children to wear,” study co-author Graham Peaslee, of the University of Notre Dame, said in a statement.