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Former NFL star Jerome Bettis returns to Notre Dame 30 years later to get his degree

Thirty years after his final season as a running back for the University of Notre Dame, Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis is back at his alma mater to finish his college degree.

Column: Can sanctions repel a Russian invasion of Ukraine?

“Targeted sanctions were supposedly going to focus narrowly on punishing the leaders most responsible for the terrible policies,” said George A. Lopez, a professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame.

Why is Ukraine coming up so much in American politics?

But overall, the United States was caught off guard and didn’t respond forcefully, said Susanne Wengle, who studies the post-Soviet region at the University of Notre Dame.

Yemen: Saudi-led airstrike on rebel-run prison kills at least 60 and wounds 200

“News of the Saudi air strike on a prison – a protected civilian site – and knocking out Yemen’s internet is both tragic and no surprise,” said Mary Ellen O’Connell, a professor at Notre Dame law school in the US. 

Starbucks workers agree to union in Buffalo, NY

Labor shortages are giving workers a rare upper hand in wage negotiations. And Dan Graff, director of the Higgins Labor Program at the University of Notre Dame, said the pandemic gave many workers the time and space to rethink what they want from their jobs.