News / Archives / March 2016

Fire scars on the Alaskan tundra

Bill McKibben to deliver 22nd annual Hesburgh Lecture in Ethics and Public Policy

Lee Reed

Market reactions to sudden CEO deaths highlight CEOs' importance

Interdisciplinary pursuit of ethical treatments

Joan Smith

Continuing the search for gravitational waves

In memoriam: Paul R. Chagnon, professor emeritus of physics at Notre Dame

Harper Cancer Research Institute to hold Fifth Annual Research Day

Rev. Friedrich Bechina, undersecretary for the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education, to speak

Conference featuring Cardinal John Onaiyekan defends human dignity

Conference responds to global efforts to care for the planet and the poor

Indiana Watershed Initiative highlighted at White House Water Summit

Astrophysicists catch two supernovae at the moment of explosion

Using DNA 'fingerprinting' to understand ancestry and immunity of trees

U.S. ambassador to the Holy See visits Notre Dame

Robert Duszynski

Father Jenkins helps commemorate bipartisan spirit at Friends of Ireland luncheon in Washington, D.C.

In Memoriam: Rev. Virgilio P. Elizondo, Notre Dame Professor of Pastoral and Hispanic Theology

Psychologist named fellow of American Educational Research Association

Agnes Monhaut

Robert Putnam to deliver 2016 Rev. Scully Lecture

A transformative journey: Notre Dame experiences life at the border

Joan Smith

Manuel Salazar

Helping to stop colorectal cancer by identifying metastasis chances early

Father Jenkins reflects on past, present and future collaboration with Brazil in São Paulo speech

Graduate students on the clock to explain research, win competition

Significant award from USAID

Notre Dame mourns the passing of junior Theresa Sagartz