News / Archives / August 2014

ND Expert: Don’t panic over ISIS

Notre Dame’s Lab for Economic Opportunities endowed with $15 million gift

Notre Dame’s Center for Civil and Human Rights awarded grant to study Christian persecution

ND Expert: Illegal ransom payments principal source of ISIS funding

Astronomers discover chemical signature of first-generation very massive stars

Notre Dame E2E group develops novel housing solution for Haiti

Notre Dame biometrics expert is helping to ensure an honest election in Somaliland

Notre Dame reports academic misconduct investigation

ACE and Holy Cross kindle hope for Haiti in new schools and innovative programs

Notre Dame paper offers insights into a new class of semiconducting materials

Fulbright foreign language teachers introduced to American culture at Notre Dame

ND Expert: Pope in South Korea 'a singular event' for Asian Catholics

ND Expert: Persecution of Christians not confined to Iraq

Study shows Asian carp could establish in Lake Erie with little effect to fishery