Resick and Leisner will preform in concert

Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be commemorated with a prayer service

January 12,1998 - Newswire Release

Spring schedule for Cinema at the Snite

A study by the Center for Transgene Research has provided information about blood coagulation proteins

Schiffer receives the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Bennett's research will appear on 'Stephen Hawking's Universe'

Skull of largest Tyrannosaur damaged by poachers

Rigby led field crew which unearthed the largest Tyrannosaur specimen ever this summer

Sylvan and Breitman will perform Schubert in two concerts

Student Union Board will present 'An Evening With James Earl Jones'

Baker named 1997 recipient of the Cavanaugh Award

Notre Dame ROTC units will join to commemorate Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Observance Day

Iafrate appointed full professor in department of electrical engineering

Bartlett will speak at the Steelworkers Lecture Series

Notre Dame researchers report first demonstration of transistorless approach to computing

Employees will be honored at the annual President's Staff Appriciation Dinner

Faculty promotions and advancements announced

faculty members and rectors accorded special recognition at the annual president's dinner for faculty

Special Recognition Award goes to Miller, Murray, Kelly, and Flood

Student Leadership Award winners announced

Outstanding teachers selected for Law School and Colleges of Arts and Letters, Science, Engineering, and Business Administration

Gen. Ralston will deliver the Commissioning Ceremony address to ROTC students

Koritnik named valedictorian

O'Malley Award awarded posthumously to Houck

Inventions of Africans and African-Americans will be showcased in the Stepan Center

The annual Opera Workshop will present performances of 'La serva padrona' and 'L'Enfant et les sortilèges'

The University has received a grant to establish the Walther Cancer Institute Center of Excellence

Collegiate Jazz Festival returns to Notre Dame

La Alianza will present its annual Latin Expressions Variety Talent Show