January 20,1999 - Newswire Release

January 20,1999 - Newswire Release

January 14,1999 - Newswire Release

Kafatos will speak on the malaria vector mosquito

Glee Club will present its Fall concert

Jerry Hank Family Center for Environmental Science opens with celebration

Experts will convene on campus for cross-disciplinary symposium on human infancy

Center for Transgene Research has received a grant for the study of blood-clotting mechanisms

Notre Dame aquatic ecologists discover Eurasian ruffe food source in Great Lakes

Summer session enrollment

Employees honored at the annual Staff Appreciation Dinner

Faculty members and rector accorded special recognition at president's dinner for faculty

Faculty promotions

Student Activities Office has announced the 1998 recipients of its Student Leadership Awards

Gen. Neal will deliver the Commissioning Ceremony address to ROTC students

Outstanding teachers named for 1997-98 academic year

Research conducted by Castellino contributed to the identification of angiostatin

Alumnus Shuler will deliver 1998 Reilly Lectures in Chemical Engineering

Long-time benefactor has died

Collegiate Jazz Festival returns to Notre Dame

Biswas dies unexpectedly of a heart attack

Expanding Your Horizons

Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair will be held on campus

Concert Band will perform its annual spring concert

Symphony Orchestra will perform in concert

The Chinese Golden Dragon Acrobats will perform in Stepan Center

Oppens will perform a piano concert

Maura will present a violin recital

Bratt film will be shown in the library followed by a discussion

Ninth Annual Student Film Festival will be presented at the Snite