faculty members and rectors accorded special recognition at the annual president's dinner for faculty

Author: Cynthia Day

Eleven faculty members and five rectors were accorded special recognition at the University of Notre Dame’s annual president’s dinner for faculty.p. William B. Berry, professor of electrical engineering, received the prestigious Faculty Award, whose recipients are nominated by the faculty at large and selected by a committee of former winners of the award. A faculty member since 1963, Berry has served as an assistant dean, an acting chair and an associate chair. He also is a 1953 alumnus of the University. An “all purpose engineer,” he once was described by a student as having taught “about real life engineering and about real life, period.”p. The Rev. James A. Burns, C.S.C., Graduate School Award was presented to Arvind Varma, Schmitt professor of chemical engineering. Varma, a faculty member since 1975, has guided students through doctoral programs at a rate of more than one a year and has earned a reputation as an outstanding teacher at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.p. The Rev. Paul J. Foik, C.S.C., Award was given to Dwight B. King Jr., librarian in the Law School library. King came to Notre Dame eleven years ago and is credited with a deep commitment to service and nationally recognized efforts to attract minority students to the field of law librarianship.p. The Foik Award is named for an alumnus who organized and professionalized the University’s library during his tenure as librarian from 1912-24, when the library was moved from the Main Building and established in its own facility.p. Rev. Robert A. Krieg, C.S.C., associate professor of theology, was named the recipient of the Thomas P. Madden Award for outstanding teaching of freshmen. A member of the Notre Dame faculty for twenty years, Krieg was cited for his careful preparation and clarity of expression, as well as a passion for his subject and an intense concern for his students.p. Rev. Joseph D. Ross, C.S.C., rector of Morrissey Hall for the past eight years, received the Reinhold Niebuhr Award, which is presented annually to those whose life and teachings “promote or exemplify the theological and philosophical concerns of Niebuhr.” His primary classroom a residence hall, he challenges the comfort of his students’ lives through hall programming, social service projects, the publication of his hall’s newsletter, and personal testimony of a life devoted to service, according to his citation.p. The Grenville Clark Award, honoring members of the community “whose voluntary activities and public service advance the cause of peace and human rights,” was presented to Thomas V. Merluzzi, associate professor of psychology. A longtime board member of Logan Center and the American Cancer Society, Merluzzi has been a persistent advocate for the handicapped, presenting workshops on stress management, meeting with parents of newborns with handicaps, and working to close a local nursing home in which severely handicapped people were being abused.p. Rev. Joseph Carey, C.S.C., rector of Dillon Hall for the past 12 years, received the John “Pop” Farley Award, named for the one-time rector of Sorin Hall and presented for exceptional service in student affairs.p. Rev. Donald P. McNeill, C.S.C., director of the Center for Social Concerns and concurrent assistant professor of theology, and Rev. Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C., rector of Sacred Heart Basilica, received the Rev. William A. Toohey, C.S.C., Award. The Toohey award is given annually to those whose preaching, writing and example embody the social dimension of the Gospel in a remarkable way.p. Special Presidential Awards, honoring dedicated service to the University, were presented to Edward J. Conlon, chair and professor of management; Sister Mary Jane Griffin, O.S.F., rector of Howard Hall for the past 10 years; Jimmy Gurul?, professor of law; Maureen T. Hallinan, White professor of sociology; Rev. Thomas King, C.S.C., rector of Zahm Hall for the past 17 years; Andrew Sommese, Duncan professor of mathematics; and Jennifer L. Warlick, associate dean of the College of Arts and Letters and associate professor of economics.

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