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Junior faculty receive prestigious NSF Early Career Awards

Throwing caution to the wind: CEO stock option pay may increase product safety problems

ND Expert: Open more, safer legal ways into the EU to deal with refugee crisis

Chilean, Guatemalan ambassadors to speak at Notre Dame in September

'Frankenstein' and Italian cinema: Two professors awarded ACLS Fellowships for projects

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat to speak in Notre Dame Forum

Saturdays With the Saints: A foretaste of eternity on game day

Faculty lectures add to options for football weekend activities

Law professor appointed as consultant in Colombia peace talks

Climate change through the lens of impact investing

Research on charter schools needs to go beyond test scores

Center for Civil and Human Rights co-hosts International Conference on Christian Response to Persecution

Origami-inspired shelters could serve military, disaster relief efforts

Three questions with Gabriel Said Reynolds, Quran scholar

Accounting errors by nonprofits occur relatively frequently, new study reveals

Notre Dame architecture graduate designs a sanctuary for Pope Francis