News / Archives / March 2010

Father Timothy Lowe appointed rector of Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies

Spring Morning

Notre Dame partners with YMCA to provide executive training

We Will Kroc You

Laying Down the Law

Fishing Club

Finalists selected for the 2010 Notre Dame Invention Convention

March Morning

Geddes Hall receives LEED Gold Certification

Conference to celebrate Notre Dame poets

International scholarship flourishes in Notre Dame's London Program


Parents rank Notre Dame among top “Dream Colleges”

Oxfam president to discuss careers in nonprofit industry

Miss Wizard Day

Women Writers Festival underway at Notre Dame

Whole Foods CEO Mackey to speak at Notre Dame

Child Development

Jennifer Younger to step down as director of libraries

Conflict Resolution

“A Chinese Home” events to explore China’s evolving identity

Hesburgh Lecturer

Feels Like Spring

Archbishop Romero to be commemorated at Notre Dame

“From Old 2 Gold” sale moved to June 26

Early Bloomers

Hitchens and D'Souza to debate religion at Notre Dame

Tonk appointed director of sustainability


Physicist Garnavich will play key role in largest Hubble project