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  1. Colombia’s Troubles Put a President’s Legacy on the Line

    Just weeks ahead of the deal’s five-year anniversary, more than half of its measures have not been applied or have barely begun, according to the Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, an independent entity charged with oversight of the deal. 

  2. Transitions: Lipscomb U. Names First Female President; Tuskegee U.'s Interim President Becomes Permanent Leader

    Suzanne Shanahan, director of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, will become executive director of the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame on October 1.

  3. Notre Dame's Sakimoto: Church has 'profound' role in addressing climate crisis

    Not so many years ago, Phil Sakimoto, recently named director of the sustainability studies minor at the University of Notre Dame, was a familiar face and voice to people all around the country.

  4. A New Breed of Crisis: War and Warming Collide in Afghanistan

    Of the world’s 25 nations most vulnerable to climate change, more than a dozen are affected by conflict or civil unrest, according to an index developed by the University of Notre Dame.

  5. Is Joe Biden repeating the mistakes of the past in Afghanistan? Catholic commentators weigh in.

    But Daniel Philpott, a professor at Notre Dame University, while describing the speech as an “emotional and solemn tribute to the American soldiers who died in Kabul,” painted the challenge that nevertheless will persist after the United States withdraws its troops...Scott Appleby, a professor and dean at the Keough School of Global Affairs at Notre Dame who has worked with military and intelligence agency officials for over 20 years, wrote, “One view that I have heard consistently across the years, whoever the president was at the time, is frustration with the lack of clarity about our mission in Afghanistan, beyond the immediate response to the attacks of 9/11—its concrete goals and its precise role within U.S. grand strategy globally.”

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    Robert Appleby

    Department of History

    Daniel Philpott

    Daniel Philpott

    Political Science

  6. The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist.

    The Notre Dame sociologist Christian Smith attributes the trend partly to the growing alliance between the Republican Party and the Christian right, a decline of trust in institutions, growing skepticism of religion in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and a shift away from traditional family structures that centered on churchgoing.

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    Christian Smith


  7. Delta will hike insurance premiums and limit sick pay for unvaccinated employees

    "With the alarming rise of Delta variant covid cases companies face the tough decision of providing a safe workplace by using carrots and sticks to get employees to vaccinate or impose a vaccine mandate at the risk of alienating and possibly losing some employees," said Joe Holt, professor of business ethics at Notre Dame

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    Joseph Holt

    Mendoza College of Business

  8. New Programs: Music, Pharmacy and Nutrition, Themed Experience, Marine Policy, Global Health

    University of Notre Dame has started an M.S. in global health.

  9. To engage the Taliban, the US needs an honest debate on Sharia law

    Mahan Mirza is executive director of the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion at Notre Dame's Keough School of Global Affairs.

  10. Opening the Word: Defiled heart, defiled hands

    Timothy P. O’Malley, Ph.D., is the director of education at the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame.

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    Tim Omalley Expert

    Timothy O'Malley

    McGrath Institute for Church Life

  11. Good, but Not Great: Taking Stock of a Big Ten University’s Covid Plan

    Alex Perkins, a professor of biological sciences at Notre Dame, praised the paper overall as “incredibly impressive” but said the mortality analysis was not “particularly convincing or conclusive.”

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    Alex Perkins

    Department of Biological Sciences

  12. Big Read: Joe Biden’s Afghan humiliation: ‘This betrayal will live in infamy’

    Robert Schmuhl is professor emeritus of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame and adjunct professor in the School of Law and Government at DCU.

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    Robert Schmuhl

    Robert Schmuhl

    American Studies

  13. Going to school with Mom: A look at Marian institutions

    John Cavadini, a theology professor and director of the McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame University, said that Mary is ever-present on his school’s campus as well, from the statue on top of the trademark golden dome to the Marian transept windows in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

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    John Cavadini

    John Cavadini