Alex Perkins

Department of Biological Sciences


Eck Family Associate Professor

  • Infectious disease dynamics
  • Epidemiology
  • Vector ecology
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Spatial Dynamics
  • Theoretical ecology
  • Mathematical biology

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Medical XPress

Success of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes in fighting dengue may be underestimated

Now, researchers at the University of Notre Dame have conducted an analysis of the World Mosquito Program's randomized control trial of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes in Indonesia, looking at how excluding transmission dynamics impacted the original interpretation of the trial's results.

Dengue rates drop after release of modified mosquitoes in Colombia

"A reduction in cases following the introduction of an intervention could be a simple coincidence,” says Alex Perkins, an epidemiologist at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. But he adds that the latest results are “encouraging” and says the longer these patterns are observed, the more likely they are to be a result of the mosquitoes.

What to Know About Dengue Fever as Cases Spread to New Places

In addition to climate change, rising rates of urbanization around the world are playing a role, said Alex Perkins, who is an associate professor of biological sciences at the University of Notre Dame and an expert in the mathematical modeling of dengue transmission.

Good, but Not Great: Taking Stock of a Big Ten University’s Covid Plan

Alex Perkins, a professor of biological sciences at Notre Dame, praised the paper overall as “incredibly impressive” but said the mortality analysis was not “particularly convincing or conclusive.”

The Spokesman-Review

As kids head back for full-time in-person instruction, experts urge masks, vaccines as COVID-19 risk remains high

The biggest change between this year and last year is the availability of the vaccine, Alex Perkins, associate professor of biological sciences at Notre Dame, said.

Indy Star

'A bad move': Health experts say Gov. Eric Holcomb is ending Indiana mask mandate too soon

“This is a bad move,” said Alex Perkins, an associate professor of biological sciences at the University of Notre Dame.

ABC 57

Evolving pandemic: New Coronavirus strain


To help me answer those questions, I talked with Alex Perkins, an Associate Professor of Biological Science at Notre Dame.


New coronavirus strain more contagious, could soon take over current one

Notre Dame epidemiologist Alex Perkins say the new strain could have some serious consequences.

D.C. publishes reams of coronavirus data. Some say it brings more questions than answers.

The goal is “isolating people while they’re still infectious and preventing further infection,” said Alex Perkins, a professor of epidemiology at Notre Dame university, who has identified problems with the District’s data.