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Newsom leaves the Vatican with pope’s praise for refusing to impose the death penalty

Daniel Philpott, a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame, said it’s smart for politicians in either party to talk about faith.

The war in Ukraine is a challenge for a Catholic ethic of nonviolence

At a March 28 conference cosponsored by the University of Notre Dame and the Ukrainian Catholic University, Notre Dame scholar Daniel Philpott said that peace activists were rightfully concerned about loss of life in the war but wrongly missed the political dimension to the conflict made evident especially in the emergence of a Ukrainian people and their common good after centuries-long struggle. "It is the common good rather than lives alone that is the basis for the most fundamental tenet of international law and the just war ethic," he said. 

Catholics need a restorative justice approach to the church’s sexual abuse crisis

Daniel Philpott is a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame.

Is Ukraine’s War Just? The Pope Hasn’t Said

Like his predecessors since Pope Benedict XV (1914-22), Pope Francis has stressed the importance of international law as the arbiter of legitimate military action, says Daniel Philpott, a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame. 

Is Joe Biden repeating the mistakes of the past in Afghanistan? Catholic commentators weigh in.

But Daniel Philpott, a professor at Notre Dame University, while describing the speech as an “emotional and solemn tribute to the American soldiers who died in Kabul,” painted the challenge that nevertheless will persist after the United States withdraws its troops...Scott Appleby, a professor and dean at the Keough School of Global Affairs at Notre Dame who has worked with military and intelligence agency officials for over 20 years, wrote, “One view that I have heard consistently across the years, whoever the president was at the time, is frustration with the lack of clarity about our mission in Afghanistan, beyond the immediate response to the attacks of 9/11—its concrete goals and its precise role within U.S. grand strategy globally.”

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Notre Dame Professor Receives Scholar Award

University of Notre Dame professor Daniel Philpott has received the 2021 Distinguished Scholar Award from the International Studies Association's Religion and International Relations Section.