Christina Wolbrecht

Political Science


Director, Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy
Professor of Political Science

  • Gender politics
  • Political parties
  • Interest groups
  • Mass behavior
  • American politics and american political development
  • Women and politics
  • Agenda-setting and issue framing
  • Women's suffrage
  • 19th Amendment


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Women of color lead the fight for voting rights 101 years after suffrage

The suffrage anniversary raises questions of who is American, who gets to have a say and who gets to participate in our democracy, said University of Notre Dame political scientist Christina Wolbrecht.

What Teenagers Have Learned From a Tumultuous Time in Politics

Other research has also found that for some young people who were disappointed by the Trump presidency, it awakened their interest in political involvement, according to David Campbell and Christina Wolbrecht, both political scientists at Notre Dame.

How Rush Limbaugh helped turn feminism into an urgent threat to the Republican Party

Christina Wolbrecht, a professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame who has studied political parties over time as well as women’s rights, has written about his influence in the Republican Party.

Why Kamala Harris and ‘Firsts’ Matter, and Where They Fall Short

“This sense of one and done, we showed we can do it, doesn’t presume a leader who is committed to advancing other women or people of color,” said Christina Wolbrecht, a political scientist at the University of Notre Dame.