Office of Life and Human Dignity explores intersection of pregnancy and social justice in new series

Author: Anna Bradley

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What is the relationship between the pro-life cause and the social justice movement? How does public policy affect women’s decision-making during a pregnancy? How do we encounter women in crisis from a place of non-judgment? The Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity at the McGrath Institute for Church Life seeks to address these and other questions during a free webinar series this fall.

“Conversations That Matter: The Intersection of Justice and Pregnancy” is a continuation of the Office of Life and Human Dignity’s efforts to provide education surrounding life issues. Taking place between late September and early November, the series will explore the pro-life movement’s roots in human rights concerns and address complex contemporary issues impacting women and their unborn children. Each session, designed for a general audience, will begin with a 30-minute presentation from a featured speaker before a question-and-answer session with participants.

“Through this series we hope to spark authentic dialogue that deepens our commitment to our fellow sisters and brothers and broadens our understanding of various and interrelated issues impacting women without the polarization and vitriol that currently characterizes these conversations,” said Jessica Keating, program director of the Office of Life and Human Dignity. “We designed these conversations to assist anyone in more effectively advocating for a just society which supports human flourishing for mothers and their unborn children.”

This initiative comes on the heels of the Office of Life and Human Dignity’s recently published sociological study conducted by Tricia Bruce, affiliate of the Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Religion and Society and adjunct research associate professor of sociology with the University of Texas at San Antonio. Themes from the report, “How Americans Understand Abortion,” will be present in the conversations held over the course of the series.

The first webinar will begin at 8 p.m. Sept. 29 (Tuesday) and feature remarks from Daniel Williams, professor of history at the University of West Georgia and author of several books and articles concerning life issues. Other featured guests include Erika Bachiochi, a fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, and Jenny Hunsberger, vice president of the Women’s Care Center. 

Participants are encouraged to view and discuss the webinars as a parish community or within the context of a young adult group. To learn more and register for individual webinars in this series, visit

Contact: Amy North, program director of communications, 574-631-2894,

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