ND in the News: April 2022

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  1. USPS gets a financial overhaul: Here's what we know about the Postal Service Reform Act

    "The Postal Service is deeply in debt," said James O'Rourke, a management professor at the University of Notre Dame. 

    ND Experts

    James O’Rourke

    James O'Rourke

    Mendoza College of Business

  2. Black Lives Matter Secretly Bought a $6 Million House

    Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, a professor at the University of Notre Dame Law School who specializes in nonprofits, said the details of the house’s management deserve closer scrutiny. 

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    Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer

    Lloyd Mayer

    Notre Dame Law School

  3. Putin is making the same mistakes that doomed Hitler when he invaded the Soviet Union

    “The evidence suggests that Putin thought he could win a quick victory with the deployment of special forces and airborne units,” says Ian Ona Johnson, a professor of military history at the University of Notre Dame.

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    Ian Johnson

    Ian Ona Johnson

    Department of History

  4. For isolated Russia, replacing key imports an uphill battle

    Across sectors, things will get worse as more and more foreign companies flee Russia, said David Cortright, director of the Global Policy Initiative at the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

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    Cortright Expert

    David Cortright

    Keough School of Global Affairs