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  1. Catholic schools will emerge from pandemic stronger, officials say

    “I think the pandemic has served to amplify and/or accelerate what you could consider pre-existing conditions in Catholic schools,” John Schoenig, senior director of teacher formation and education policy at the University of Notre Dame told Crux.

  2. The Finance 202: Yellen will face host of political problems as Biden's treasury secretary

    “When you’re head of the Fed, you’re in charge of monetary policy. At Treasury, you have to work with Congress — they control both the spending and the taxes,” said Jeffrey Bergstrand, a former economist at the Federal Reserve now at the University of Notre Dame.

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  3. Watching What We Flush Could Help Keep a Pandemic Under Control

    For starters, the amount of virus an infected person sheds in stool “can vary by six orders of magnitude,” says Kyle Bibby, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and earth sciences at the University of Notre Dame. 

  4. Experts: Seminaries need clear sexual harassment guidelines to prevent clerical abuse

    According to the working group, assembled by the University of Notre Dame theologian John Cavadini, seminary and formation house leaders should strive to implement five benchmarks when it comes to protecting faculty, staff and students.

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    John Cavadini

    John Cavadini


  5. As Treasury chief, Yellen may be a calming influence in a Washington split over stimulus and everything else

    “She’s a moderate and a centrist,” says Jeffrey Bergstrand, a finance professor at the University of Notre Dame and a former Fed economist.

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  6. Meet the company that’s tracking your location to study Covid-19

    Public health and national security issues are some of the most valuable applications of aggregated location data, says Kirsten Martin, a professor of technology ethics at the University of Notre Dame.

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    Kirsten Martin

    Kirsten Martin

    Mendoza College of Business

  7. White House Weighs New Action Against Beijing

    “This would be a Cold War-like division of the world,” said Eugene Gholz, a University of Notre Dame national security expert. “We expect (China) to behave badly, so we’ll prepare a defense.”

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    Eugene Gholz

    Charles Gholz

    Political Science

  8. China just launched a mission to the moon to collect rock samples — the first time a country will have done so in more than 40 years

    "The moon is small, so its heat engine should have run out a long time ago," Clive Neal, a geoscientist at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, told Nature.

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    Clive Neal Portrait

    Clive Neal

    Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

  9. Joe Biden's presidential transition allowed to proceed after 16-day standoff

    "Best available is the way this has been done in transitions over many decades," said Denis McDonough, who is leading a study of the transition at the University of Notre Dame.