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One billionaire was minted every 30 hours during the pandemic. Now, a million people may fall into extreme poverty every 33 hours, Oxfam estimates.

In January 2021, 8.1 million Americans entered into poverty, Insider's Ayelet Sheffey reported, citing a study by the University of Chicago and University of Notre Dame economists.

Russian sentenced to life in Ukraine's 1st war crimes trial

Mary Ellen O’Connell, an expert on international law at the University of Notre Dame, said that putting Shishimarin on trial could prove “extremely detrimental to Ukrainian soldiers in the hands of Russia.”

Catholic college graduates praised for pandemic resilience

When he was announced at Notre Dame, more than 3,300 graduates rose and waved Ukrainian flags in a show of solidarity with a nation under siege. Gudziak, who also is the head of external relations for the worldwide Ukrainian Catholic Church, said the university “has offered a singular response to the Russian invasion and devastation of Ukraine.”

At 2022 commencement ceremonies, an ecological theme for several Catholic colleges

Graduates at the University of Notre Dame also heard remarks from Sharon Lavigne, a Catholic environmental justice advocate and recipient of the school's 2022 Laetare Medal.

The price of friendship: China has much to offer African governments, but it also wants much in return

Joshua Eisenman of the University of Notre Dame found that, in Ghana, the department had courted the New Patriotic Party (npp) even when it was out of government.