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After Kyle Rittenhouse's Acquittal, Will His Rifle Be Returned to Him?

Jimmy Gurule, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame's Law School explained to Newsweek that evidence is generally impounded until it is released by the court and the defense counsel must file a motion in order to have it released.

America’s Catholic schools are seeing a surprising rise in enrollment

Father Joe Corpora of the University of Notre Dame warns: “We’ll never get another chance like this again.” 

Catholic bishops endorse communion guidelines for public figures

NPR's A Martinez talks to Kathleen Sprows Cummings of Notre Dame, about U.S. Catholic Bishops approving a position paper urging Catholics to abide by church teachings if they take communion.

What are God’s pronouns? How the church today is (or isn’t) gendering God

Tim O’Malley, academic director of the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Liturgy, noted that Catholic liturgies don’t often rely on pronouns for God — though they are masculine, when present — and they frequently implement the trinitarian language of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

U.S. Is ‘Considering’ Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics, Biden Says

“Regimes have a history of treating their hosts of the Olympics with an international seal of approval for whatever they’re doing,” said John Soares, a history professor at Notre Dame who has written about the Olympics.