Saturday Scholar Series to kick off football weekends

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The fifth annual Saturday Scholar Series at the University of Notre Dame will feature six lectures by leading faculty members on each home football game weekend this fall.

Sponsored by theCollegeofArtsand Letters, the lectures were initiated by Mark W. Roche, I.A. OShaughnessy Dean of Arts and Letters, to add a scholarly dimension to a weekend roster of athletics, pageantry and fine arts performances.

The lectures will begin three and one-half hours before kickoff and take place in the auditorium of theHesburghCenterfor International Studies, unless otherwise noted.They are as follows:

p. Sept. 17 Catholics, Concubines, and the Constitution: 19 ^th^ Century Battles over Church and State,with Linda Przybyszewski, associate professor of history.While 21 st- century Americans have experienced their share of arguments over church-state issues, Americans living during the 19 th century fought even more passionately over the proper role of religion in public life.Two of the most dramatic battles – one over Mormon polygamy and the other over Bible reading in the schools – raised essential questions about the Republics constitutional order.Przybyszewski, a historian specializing in legal history and Constitutional interpretation, will examine these compelling issues.

The talk also commemorates the first national Constitution Day.

Oct. 15 -Exploring Lewis and Clark,with Thomas Slaughter, Andrew V. Tackes Professor of History. The 200 th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition provides an occasion to reassess the most famous explorers in American history.Join award-winning author and historian Thomas Slaughter as he examines the men, the journey, the journals and the mythology surrounding Lewis and Clark.

Oct. 22 - Caring for Babies, Caring for Parents: What Human Infants Really Need and Why,with James McKenna, Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C., Professor of Anthropology.The best way to care for an infant has, for generations, been subject to intense and often uncompromising community opinions and judgments. Should babies be breast fed or bottle fed?For how long?Should infants sleep with their mothers?For a few months or several years?James McKenna, renowned expert on infant co-sleeping, addresses these and other issues in a presentation that sheds light on the differences among contemporary cultural practices, personal preferences and good science.

Nov. 5 -Understanding Personality and Emotional Development in Babies and Children,with Julia Braungart-Rieker, professor of psychology and associate dean of Arts and Letters.Braungart-Rieker, a developmental psychologist, will discuss some of the various techniques and ways in which experts observe infantsand childrens behaviors to gain a better understanding of how emotions and childrens personalities develop over time.

Nov. 12 - A Change at the Top: Pope Benedict XVI,a panel discussion with Scott Appleby, professor of history and the John M. Regan Director of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies; Lawrence Cunningham, John A. OBrien Professor of Theology; and Rev. Richard McBrien, Crowley-OBrien Professor of Theology.The presentation will examine some of the political, theological and doctrinal issues that will be addressed by Pope Benedict XVI, and what the change will mean for contemporary Catholics.

Nov. 19 - Vast: The Art of Maria Tomasula,with Maria Tomasula, Michael P. Grace Associate Professor of Art, Art History and Design. An award-winning painter, Tomasulas work recalls the work of 18 th and early 19 th- century Spanish Baroque religious painters. Her presentation will explore the inspiration and technique of her highly stylized, symbolic compositions.The presentation, held in the Snite Museum of Art, will include slides of Tomasulas work.

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