Smashburger replacing Burger King in LaFortune Student Center

Author: Notre Dame News

Notre Dame Student Government, Campus Dining and Student Activities Facilities have announced that Smashburger will replace Burger King in LaFortune Student Center. Construction began the week of May 16, and the new facility is expected to be open at the start of the school year. Smashburger is a fast casual restaurant serving “smashed-to-order” burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, sides and Häagen-Dazs shakes.

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'Will the Circle Be Unbroken' exhibit at ND Center for Arts and Culture

Author: Carol Bradley


“Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” a selection of collage works by artist and professor Nathan Skiles, will be on view through June 30 in the Crossroads Gallery, Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture.

These 12 round works reference rose or ocular stained glass windows often found in churches. Skiles has created two large versions of these metaphorical windows specifically for the exhibition. These rondo collages will structurally reference the north and south rose windows of Notre-Dame de Paris.

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Looking beyond conventional networks can lead to better predictions

Author: William G. Gilroy

Nitesh Chawla

Zebra mussels, a ship-borne invasive species, are such a problem in American waters that they cost the U.S. power industry alone $3.1 billion in economic losses in 1993-1999, mainly by blocking pipes that deliver water to cooling plants. Researchers looking for a way to predict where they might end up next, so that preventive measures can be taken, have relied on network science, a way to identify patterns and meaningful connections in fields ranging from invasive species to international terrorism and social networks to infectious diseases.

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Hillebrand Center focuses on training compassionate health care professionals

Author: William G. Gilroy

Hillebrand Center

For Ruth Hillebrand, compassionate health care was both a professional and personal mission. A clinical psychologist in Manhattan, she specialized in treating patients with eating disorders. She also had an intimate knowledge of how compassion on the part of a physician could impact a patient’s treatment and recovery. A physician whom she met once delivered her own terminal diagnosis in a brief, perfunctory, late-night phone call and then hung up.

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Making circulating materials backpack-proof

Author: Tara O'Leary

Library Preservation

Tosha McComb, conservation technician for general collections at the Hesburgh Libraries, reattaches boards with toned Japanese paper and wheat starch paste. The paste is stable, alkaline and reversible in water. Modern resin-based adhesives are also used in repairing items in the circulating collections.

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