Three questions with political scientist Christina Wolbrecht

Author: Michael O. Garvey

Christina Wolbrecht

Christina Wolbrecht, associate professor of political science, C. Robert and Margaret Hanley Family Director of the Notre Dame Washington Program and director of the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy at the University of Notre Dame, teaches and writes about American politics, political parties, women and politics and American political development. Now at work on a study of the first 100 years of women as voters in American politics, she is co-author, with J. Kevin Corder, of the recently published book “Counting Women’s Ballots: Female Voters from Suffrage through the New Deal.”

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Notre Dame and Stamps Foundation expand partnership

Author: Shannon Rooney

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame welcomes 11 undergraduate Stamps Scholars to the Class of 2020, marking an expansion of the partnership between Notre Dame and the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation. The partnership began in 2013, with the admission of five scholars each year since. The prestigious scholarship awards have now doubled to allow twice as many students per year to benefit from the scholarship.

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Gurulé testifies before Congressional Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing

Author: Shannon Roddel

Jimmy Gurulé

University of Notre Dame law professor Jimmy Gurulé, a terrorist financing expert, testified Thursday (June 23) before the Congressional Task Force to Investigate Terrorism Financing — part of the House Committee on Financial Services. Gurulé, also a former assistant U.S. attorney general and former undersecretary for enforcement for the U.S. Treasury Department, offered recommendations to enhance the U.S. government’s counterterrorist financing efforts, including sanctions on foreign companies that assist ISIS.

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Creating more effective product recalls by improving traceability

Author: Shannon Roddel


Each year, an estimated 48 million Americans get sick — sometimes mortally — from an all-too common source: foodborne pathogens. Even as the industry looks for ways to curb outbreaks, a new University of Notre Dame study finds that just being able to trace a product through its supply chain is at once critical, and difficult.

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