Faith & Service

Statement from Notre Dame President Father Jenkins on the passing of Cardinal George

Author: Dennis Brown


The following is a statement from Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame, on the passing of Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop Emeritus of Chicago, on Friday (April 17):

“Cardinal Francis George was a good and faithful bishop, a leader in the American Church and a dedicated witness to the Gospel. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, his religious community and the Archdiocese of Chicago. May he rest in the peace of Christ.”

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Health & Medicine, Research, and Science

Engineering & Technology and Research

New paper opens the door to the study of a new class of materials

Author: William G. Gilroy

A highly filled pack of Platonic solids with 100 total particles

A new paper by a team of researchers led by Karel Matous, College of Engineering Associate Professor of Computational Mechanics in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, describes how an accurate statistical description of heterogeneous particulate materials, which is used within statistical micromechanics theories, governs the overall thermo-mechanical properties. This detailed statistical description was computed using a novel adaptive interpolation/integration scheme on the nation’s largest parallel supercomputers. Quantifying the morphology of many-body systems has applications in many scientific fields at a variety of length scales from molecular configurations up to structural composites and celestial bodies.

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Campus and Faith & Service

Rabbi David Dalin to speak on Saint Pope John and the Jews

Author: Michael O. Garvey

Rabbi David Dalin

Rabbi David Dalin, professor of law and politics at Ave Maria University, will speak at 7 p.m. Monday (April 20) in the Eck Visitors Center auditorium on “Pope John XXIII and the Jews.”

Rabbi Dalin, a historian and author of numerous books including “Religion and State in the American Jewish Experience,” will examine the history of St. Pope John’s relationship with the Jewish people from the saint’s role as a Vatican diplomat saving lives in Nazi-occupied Europe to his convening of the Second Vatican Council and encouragement of the promulgation of “Nostra Aetate,” the Council’s declaration on non-Christian religions that profoundly transformed Christian-Jewish relations.

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Ruth Riley for NDIGD Global Development Challenge


NDIGD to host Global Development Challenge

The April 27 events will include competitions and prizes.

Mendoza College of Business courtyard


Teams take tops in case competition

Two teams placed first and second in the Arthur W. Page Society competition.

“Mathematical Methods in Engineering”


New book highlights mathematical methods

These modern methods are used in advanced engineering applications.

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Maurizio Albahari

Maurizio Albahari

Italian and European cities, migration, interreligious dialogue and pluralism

Jeff Bergstrand

Jeffrey Bergstrand

International trade and finance, U.S and international economy

Kasey Buckles

Kasey Buckles

Economics of the family, economic demography, health economics

Justin Crepp

Justin R. Crepp

Orbital motion, high-contrast imaging, giant planets, M-dwarf stars, earth-sized planets, iLocator Doppler spectrometer, exoplanet searches, Kepler Mission

Michael Desch

Michael Desch

International relations, international security, political theory and international relations, and American foreign and defense policies.

Judith Fox

Judith Fox

Consumer law, cross-cultural counseling, fair debt collection, foreclosure, negotiation, predatory lending

Rick Garnett

Rick Garnett

Death penalty, free speech, school choice, Catholic social thought, church/state relations, religion in the public square, free exercise of religion, federalism and criminal law, Supreme Court, criminal defense, religious liberty, education reform

Jimmy Gurulé

Jimmy Gurulé

International criminal law, complex criminal litigation, terrorism, terrorist financing, anti-money laundering, organized crime


Timothy Judge

Management psychology, leadership personality, moods, emotions, and career and life success

Marya Lieberman

Marya Lieberman

Low-quality medicines, fake pharmaceuticals

Elizabeth McClintock

Elizabeth Aura McClintock

Gender, family and sexuality; quantitative methods; interpersonal relationships; romantic partner selection; race, segregation and homophily; body-image; aging and older-age dating

Candida Moss

Candida Moss

New Testament Interpretation, Early Christian Martyrdom, Resurrection and Afterlife, Constructions of Disease and Disability in the Bible, Early Christian Origins.

Carolyn Nordstrom

Carolyn Nordstrom

Warfare, anthropology of war and peace, epicenters of conflict and peacebuilding, transnational crime, globalization, gender, culture theory

Mary-Ellen O'Connell

Mary Ellen O'Connell

International law, international legal regulation of the use of force, conflict and dispute resolution

Paul Schultz

Paul Schultz

Initial public offerings, multinational enterprises, securities trading

Jim Sullivan

Jim Sullivan

Poverty, unemployment

Joannes Westerink

Joannes Westerink

Computational fluid mechanics, hurricane storm surge, levee design

ND People

Amanda Hummon

Chemistry in motion: Amanda Hummon and cancer research

Amanda Hummon, the Huisking Froundation, Inc., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and a researcher at the Harper Cancer Research Institute, was recognized with two prestigious grants for scientific research: the Early Career Award from the National Science Foundation, and a Research Project Grant Award from the National Institutes of Health.