Notre Dame ReSources

Author: Dennis Brown

Notre Dame ReSources
May 10-16, 1998

p. Please feel free to call the following Notre Dame faculty for additional comment on these people and events in the news:
p. p. India : Nucelar tests this week by India “show the commitment of the new coalition government, led by the BJP (Hindu national party), to adopt a more nationalistic posture in international politics.” says Raimo Vayrynen , John M. Regan, Jr., Director of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame. “This posture is based on the outdated assumption that nuclear arsenals assure the country a great-power position in the world. To the contrary, India’s tests and weapons potential will make its international position more vulnerable and regional security will deteriorate. The solution of the huge problems of poverty and underdevelopment in South Asia require its integration into the mainstream of the world economy. In recent years, India in particular has made progress in that direction. Now, however, the econonomic sanctions by the United States and international financial organizations, prompted by the nuclear detonations, will undermine this progress and isolate India internationally.” (219) 631-5665; *
p. *Boeing 737s
: The decision this week by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to inspect Boeing 737s was a “prudent thing to do in light of the TWA Flight 800 crash two years ago,” says Robert Nelson , professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering and director of the Center for Aviation Safety Research at Notre Dame. “The search for the cause of the fuel tank explosion on Flight 800 revealed cracked or frayed wiring. To be on the safe side, it’s wise to pull the planes and look at all of the wiring.” (219) 631-5433; *
p. *NATO
: The proposed expansion of NATO is a “leap into the unknown,” says Raimo Vayrynen , John M. Regan, Jr., Director of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame. “The results will depend on what happens in Russia ? and there is no way to know how that will unfold ? and how NATO itself evolves over the next 10-15 years. NATO once was a Cold War alliance that relied upon the threat of nuclear weapons. Now, it is an institution for the collective security of Europe, with new tasks and responsibilities. NATO’s enlargement could be a good thing, provided Russia remains cooperative with the international community and NATO continues to develop as an organization whose top priority is the maintenance of balance.” (219) 631-5665 p. Viagra : The popularity of drugs such as Viagra, creatine and others concerns Maura Ryan , a bioethicist and assistant professor of theology at Notre Dame. “My concern is the just distribution of health-care drugs,” she said. “We’re developing drugs for social goals while failing to meet the basic health needs of 40-plus million people who are without access to health care. I would make a distinction, for example, between someone using Viagra for medically diagnosed impotence and someone using it just to be more sexually proficient. But overall, I don’t think we’re asking good questions about the goals of medicine.” (219) 631-7267 p. UFOs : A new book coauthored by Notre Dame psychologist George Howard examines the psychology behind the claims of recent UFO sightings. “We use the dominant culture as a way of stimulating our imaginations, as a way of seeing what might be possible in the not-too-distant future,” Howard said in a feature story published in the South Bend Tribune. “If people in the media get us believing something is possible, then we start looking for it. Sometimes, if you look hard enough for something, you begin to see it.” Howard adds that rather than label those who claim to have seen UFOs or aliens as psychopathologically delusional, we should see them as people with fantasy-prone personalities. “It’s more helpful to view these things from the fantasy-prone perspective,” he says. “What are the consequences of believing these are cases of extremely creative people whose fantasies have gotten a little out of hand versus the consequences of using this one claim as the litmus test for their sanity?” (219) 631-5423 p. Copyright : Far-reaching legislation designed to strengthen copyright protection includes some “bad policy,” according to Joseph Bauer , professor of law at Notre Dame. “A policy that underlies copyright law is that we provide protection for a period of time to encourage creativity,” Bauer says. “By extending that period for another 20 years (as bills before the House and Senate propose), we’re not stimulating creativity, we’re just enriching two groups, companies like Disney and the grandchildren of songwriters, artists and others. It just doesn’t make sense to extend the copyright protection for work created in the 1920s.” (219) 631-6514 p. Colombian murder : Faculty members from the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at Notre Dame have written a letter to Colombian president Ernesto Samper condemning the recent murder of Bogota human rights lawyer Eduardo Uma?a and demanding that the Colombian government take action to protect the “rights to life and justice.” The letter, signed by Kellogg Institute director Scott Mainwaring and 15 other institute scholars, notes that more than 20 human rights activists have been assassinated in Colombia in the last 18 months. It goes on to read in part: “We feel obligated to join the international outcry, calling for an end to murders in Colombia, in particular of those who defend human rights. Respect for human rights is a basic condition for the democratic development of any country. At risk of losing its human rights defenders, Colombian society is becoming increasingly vulnerable in the face of these violations. Therefore, we respectfully, but determinedly, ask the Colombian government and its authorities to guarantee the rule of law and fulfill its role as protector of the rights to life and justice. It is necessary that immediate and effective measures be undertaken democratically so that these painful crimes be stopped once and for all and that they not go unpunished.” Mainwaring: (219) 631-8530 p. Notre Dame notes : The class of 1998 valedictorian is " Timothy Cordes ": , the second blind student in history to be admitted to an American school of medicine … Former U.S. Sen. " Bill Bradley ": , who will decide later this year whether to run for the presidency in 2000, will teach and lecture at Notre Dame in the fall as a visiting professor of public affairs … " Yahoo! Internet Life “: , the nation’s leading magazine devoted to the World Wide Web, has ranked the computer and information technology resources at Notre Dame among the best in higher education. The May issue rates Notre Dame 31st in the publication’s 1998 survey of *”America’s 100 Most Wired Colleges"* … " Carl Mela ": , assistant professor of marketing, has received two international awards for his research on the effects of promotions and advertising on consumers …


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