Notre Dame ReSources

Author: Dennis Brown

*The following Notre Dame faculty are available for additional comment on these people and events in the news:

  • p. Gingrich : Notre Dame political scientist Peri Arnold says the shift in Republican leadership from Newt Gingrich to Robert Livingston will be “from political flamboyance to legislative management, but the question remains whether the Republican majority will be able to restrain its ideological impulses and approach governance issues consistent with Livingston’s intended pragmatic management style. In the end, one wonders if Gingrich was the cause of the problems or the manifestation of characteristics that are rooted deeply in the Republican Congress and will not disappear with his departure.” *Contact: Dennis Brown, 219-631-7367;
  • p. School vouchers : The Supreme Court’s action this week in Jackson v. Benson, leaving intact a Wisconsin program providing vouchers for students of poor families who attend private schools in Milwaukee, makes it clear that “discrimination against religious schools in the administration of generally available education funds is not required to separate church and state,” says Douglas W. Kmiec , professor of law at Notre Dame. “This should be the beginning of the end of school monopolies that keep underprivileged children locked in under-performing and violent schools.” *Contact: Dennis Brown, 219-631-7367;
  • p. Campus alcohol abuse : Recent campus disorders related to alcohol abuse make it all the more incumbent on college and university presidents to take a leadership role in “fostering an improved campus climate with regard to alcohol use,” Notre Dame’s president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C. , writes in the fall issue of The Presidency, a new magazine published by the American Council on Education. Father Malloy suggests that “while educational programs related to alcohol abuse are necessary first steps, they need to be integrated into a more comprehensive effort” that includes a thorough review of campus alcohol policies and an open dialogue with students and faculty with the aim of changing practices and traditions of drinking on campus. “The problems of binge drinking and widespread alcohol abuse will not soon disappear from our campuses,” Father Malloy writes. “But with thoughtful presidential leadership, we can creatively engage our communities to prevent those forms of alcohol-induced conduct that violate our sense of peace and security and that make us passive contributors to the degradation of student lives.” *Contact: Dennis Brown, 219-631-7367;
  • p. Political journalism : “Calling Elections: The History of Horse Race Journalism,” a new book from the Notre Dame Press, tells of the origins and evolution of the “horse race” tradition of political journalism in the United States. Thomas B. Littlewood , professor emeritus of journalism at the University of Illinois, examines how the treatment of elections as sporting events has come to overshadow the reporting of campaigns as forums for the discussion of ideas. Godfrey Sperling, Jr., senior columnist for The Christian Science Monitor, says “Calling Elections” is an “insightful study of what presidential campaigns and elections are all about.”

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