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  • Public economics
  • Religion and the determinants of philanthropic activity

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The Hechinger Report

Arizona gave families public money for private schools. Then private schools raised tuition

Dan Hungerman, an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame who has studied the impact of vouchers on private school finances, noted that the Heritage report’s main finding lacked the common elements of rigorous academic research: statistical significance and standard error.

The surprising science of climate protests

One study on the first Earth Day, on 22 April 1970, found a long-term impact on air quality in areas that had good weather that day – which researchers used as an estimate for participation in activities. "Our approach was to use weather to essentially mimic an experiment," says Daniel Hungerman

AEA Research Highlights Podcast

The importance of local activism: Daniel Hungerman discusses the long-run effects of the first Earth Day celebration.


A wave of political demonstrations in recent years has grabbed headlines and helped to reshape the political landscape. But it’s an open question as to whether these protest movements actually change opinions in the long run. In a paper in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, authors Daniel Hungerman and Vivek Moorthy found that activism can have a lasting impact on local communities.

Places with high religious participation have fewer deaths of despair

A new paper by Tyler Giles of Wellesley, Daniel Hungerman of Notre Dame and Tamar Oostrom of Ohio State bolsters the case that deaths of despair stem in part from weakening social ties. 

Rise in middle-aged white ‘deaths of despair’ may be fueled by loss of religion, new research paper argues

The working paper, from Tyler Giles of Wellesley College, Daniel Hungerman of the University of Notre Dame, and Tamar Oostrom of The Ohio State University, looked at the relationship between religiosity and mortality from deaths of despair.

Le Monde

"Let's not lose hope, environmental mobilization is effective" (« Ne perdons pas espoir, la mobilisation écologiste est efficace »)

Daniel Hungerman and Vivek Moorthy, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, forthcoming. The authors evaluate the impact of citizen mobilization, during the first Earth Day, April 22, 1970, on local pollution, infant mortality and morbidity, traditional indicators of the effects of pollution. (Daniel Hungerman et Vivek Moorthy, American Economic Journal : Applied Economics, à paraître. Les auteurs évaluent l’impact de la mobilisation citoyenne, lors de la première Journée de la Terre, le 22 avril 1970, sur la pollution locale, la mortalité et la morbidité infantiles, indicateurs traditionnels des effets de la pollution.)