Nick Laneman

Electrical Engineering

264 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Professor of Electrical Engineering,
Co-Director, Wireless Institute

  • Wireless¬†systems
  • Radio spectrum access
  • Technology standards and intellectual property
  • Regulatory policy

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Science Direct

US regulators clash over 5G rollout and aircraft safety

 “We are going to see more of these types of conflicts,” said J. Nicholas Laneman, professor of electrical engineering at the University of Notre Dame, IN, USA. 


Will 5G Change the Way We Communicate?


Nick Laneman, Director, SpectrumX; Co-Director, Wireless Institute; Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame.

Popular Mechanics

Why the Latest 5G Rollout is Making Airlines Nervous

“You can deploy these networks in all kinds of different, complicated ways, and if you put constraints on the deployment, it can help control the amount of interference that these radar altimeters observe,” Nick Laneman, director of SpectrumX, tells Popular Mechanics.