Notre Dame leads planning effort to rebuild Léogâne

Léogâne, Haiti

A team from the University of Notre Dame’s Haiti Program, together with organizations from across the U.S., is partnering with citizens and leaders of Léogâne, Haiti to develop a master plan to rebuild the city devastated by last year’s earthquake.

A planning workshop will take place March 15 to 18 (Tuesday to Friday) in Léogâne, where participants will discuss the needs of the citizens in the areas of power generation, education, housing, public services, medical care, economic development and infrastructure, among others.

Faculty members from Notre Dame’s Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences are developing specific plans for drinking water and housing, while other organizations from the U.S. are helping in several other areas. Leading the charge is Notre Dame parent and developer Chip Wirth of Chesapeake, Va., and Bill DeJong from the School for Children of the World in Avon, Colo.

Feasibility, sustainability and viability are key components to the rebuilding process, and all plans will be developed within the context of the community’s rich cultural and religious heritage.

“Our involvement in the rebuilding of Léogâne is predicated on the belief that its future should lie in its people’s hands and should not be dictated by any single individual,” says Rev. Bob Loughery, C.S.C., coordinator of the Notre Dame Haiti Program rebuild effort.

“While the long-term objective will be to deliver a better quality of life to its people, which improves upon the conditions prior to the quake, it should not presuppose the form that solution or vision will take.”

If your organization is currently working in Léogâne, please contact the Notre Dame Haiti Program at 574-631-3273, or visit the website for more information.

Contact: Sarah Craig, Haiti Program manager, 574-631-3273,