News / Archives / February 2003

Survey: First-year students make politics a priority

'Voice' of the National Spelling Bee Dies

Symposium will honor former dean Castellino

New director named for Academic Services for Student-Athletes

Murphy to present Hesburgh Lecture in San Jose, Calif.

Bender to present genetic developments in Sacramento, Calif.

Father Scully to discuss Catholic higher education in Naples, Fla.

3 women to tell of Living Next Door to the KKK

Blakey's interpretation of RICO vindicated

Leftow to lecture on scripture, God and time

ACLU associate director to discuss surveillance in America

Gurulé says Estrada deserves confirmation vote

45th annual Jazz Festival to begin Feb. 26

Campus remembrance service for Chad Sharon to be held Tuesday

The Tidings: Remembering fishermen

Duke law professor to speak on financial scandals

Astronaut Harrison Schmitt to deliver engineering lecture

Governor Keating to speak at ND

Alumnus and benefactor elected to Board of Trustees

The Wall Street Journal: An Army of Underemployed Goes Door-to-Door in Brazil

Robinson Center to celebrate second anniversary

Brief supports U. of Michigan on admissions policies

New institute will focus on environmental molecular science

MATHCOUNTS competition scheduled for Saturday

Historian authors new book on Lewis and Clark

Bill Bradley to speak at conference on sports and citizenship

Guthrie Theater to present The Stuff of Dreams March 7-8

Palliative care conference scheduled for Feb. 20-21

Notre Dame Press book on Irish Culture wins award

Law and human dignity symposium to begin Feb.21