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  • Macroeconomics
  • Monetary and fiscal policy 
  • Labor markets 
  • Economics and international relationships (Europe, with particular focus on Germany) 

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WirtschaftsWoche | German

“A normal economics professor in the USA earns more than any German university rector”

Who will receive the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics on Monday? The economist Rüdiger Bachmann, who teaches in the USA, [speaks] about American dominance in economics, underfunded German chairs – and his personal Nobel favorites.

Dziennik, Polskie Radio 24, Wirtualnemedia, Tysol | Polish

Germany has reason to be concerned. "Catastrophe is not unthinkable"

Such considerations drown out voices suggesting that extending support for carmakers could be counterproductive in the long run, writes The Economist. He evokes the views of Ruediger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame, who believes that German politicians should rely more on market forces to fill the economic space that may open up as the German automotive industry weakens.

What if Germany stopped making cars? Imagine Volkswagen goes the way of Nokia

Rüdiger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame and others calculated that because the company was found fiddling with emissions readings, sales of other German brands in America fell by 166,000 cars, costing them $7.7bn in forgone revenues, or nearly a quarter of their total in 2014.

“Increasingly shows the sign of fascism;” Notre Dame professor weighs in on war in Ukraine, Biden surprise visit

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“I think it’s absolutely clear to send signals around the world that you can’t just go around invading other countries and grab land as you please,” says Rüdiger Bachmann, a Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame

Could Europe end up with a worse inflation problem than America?

Recent work by Rüdiger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame and colleagues shows that workers in Germany are more likely to change jobs when demand is high than during recessions. 

Chemical giant BASF is under threat after Russians turn off the gas

Rudi Bachmann, professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame in the United States, said it’s unfair to single out BASF for criticism.

Natural gas strategy tests Europe’s unity against Russia


“Undoubtedly, there will be intra-European fights and struggles, and that could potentially be severe,” said Rudi Bachmann, a professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame.

Can Deutschland AG cope with the Russian gas shock?

In typical corporatist fashion, Germany’s big parties, industry bigwigs and trade unions collectively decided that cheap Russian gas was great industrial policy, too, notes Rüdiger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame.

How would an energy embargo affect Germany’s economy?

Japanese firms were able to quickly substitute away from previously cheap rare earths and find alternative supplies, according to research by Eugene Gholz of the University of Notre Dame and Llewelyn Hughes of the Australian National University.... In a study of the potential effects of a Russian energy embargo on Europe, Rüdiger Bachmann of the University of Notre Dame and his co-authors find that while the hit could be large, it would be partly offset by the economy’s ability to adapt. 

Shielding EU energy users from high prices may backfire, warn economists

“This is terrible economics,” said Rüdiger Bachmann, economics professor at the University of Notre Dame. “You want the price mechanism to have its effect, by signalling that a good is scarce, so people decide if they want to change their behaviour.” 

Germany, urged to ‘stop Putin’s war machine,’ resists Russian energy embargo

To Bachmann, who studied in Germany and the United States and has been a professor of economics at Notre Dame since 2014, the rebuke from the chancellor — nicknamed the “Scholzomat” because of his ordinarily understated style of communication — was a validation of sorts.

ABC 57

Restaurants and businesses facing employee shortage


“We have a still rather generous unemployment package in the Biden rescue plan. I don’t exclude that you know in part of the country and some sectors like the hospitality sector, we actually see an impact on this that people say yeah, I’m just going to stay this summer with my unemployment I insurance, with my increased unemployment insurance and then you know after the summer look for jobs,” Notre Dame Economics Professor Ruediger Bachmann said.