Maurizio Albahari


E266 Corbett Family Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Associate Professor of Anthropology

  • Migration and refugee mobility in the euro-mediterranean region, the mediterranean sea and italy
  • Sovereignty, democracy and human rights
  • Citizenship, cities and aesthetics
  • Pluralism and religion in public life

Albahari in the News

La Razon 25

"The mafias enjoy the monopoly of transport and opt for the longest and most dangerous routes"

(in Spanish only) Given this latest tragedy, we asked migration expert Maurizio Albahari about whether this shipwreck could have been avoided. Albahari, who is a professor at the School of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, explains why the routes to Italy are so risky and recalls that "smugglers enjoy a monopoly on transportation and opt for longer routes and dangerous."

UK cancels first flight to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda

“At a global level, this unapologetically punitive deal further condones the evisceration of the right to seek asylum in wealthy countries,” said Maurizio Albahari, a migration expert at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana as he described the UK policy.