Marya Lieberman

Chemistry and Biochemistry

210 Stepan Chemistry
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Professor of Chemistry

  • Low-quality medicines
  • Fake pharmaceuticals
  • Counterfeit drug detection

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WTHR (Indianapolis)

Local governments hand out fentanyl test strips, but they could be illegal in Indiana


Researchers at University of Notre Dame test fentanyl and other test strips for their effectiveness. Dr. Marya Lieberman’s team tested five different test strip brands on more than 200 compounds. Lieberman found that while there are sometimes false positives, overwhelmingly, the strips on the market are accurate and effective when used properly.

How Tainted Chemo Wound Up in Pediatric Cancer Wards


Marya Lieberman is a chemistry professor at the University of Notre Dame. She has blue hair, a refrigerator full of chemo drugs and obvious enthusiasm for the intricacies of lab testing. Over the years she’d heard about issues with the quality of chemo drugs in low-income countries.

New test in the works to catch defective cancer drugs

Now, researchers led by Professor Marya Lieberman of the University of Notre Dame have made the drug a focus of their work developing devices that flag poor-quality medicines.

Politics Could Imperil Probe of Narco Access to U.S. Chemicals

Marya Lieberman, a professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, agreed that safety concerns would likely be a deal killer.

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