Katlyn Carter

Department of History

422 Decio Faculty Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Assistant Professor

  • Early American history 
  • American founders  
  • Foundations of representative democracy
  • Secrecy and transparency in democracy
  • Media and democracy
  • American Constitution
  • American political history
  • Political thought 
  • American Revolution  


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Mishandled classified materials have caused an uproar. Here’s why.

Perspective by Katlyn Marie Carter. Carter is an assistant professor of history at the University of Notre Dame.

Lectures in History: American Colonies after the Seven Years War


University of Notre Dame professor Katlyn Carter taught a class about British imperial reforms and American colonial grievances in the wake of the Seven Years War (1756-63).

Professors discuss 1619 Project and history instruction in public schools

Forum participants, Katlyn Carter, assistant history professor at Notre Dame and IUSB history professors Darryl Heller and Monica Tetzlaff, say these debates reflect two views on the purpose of teaching history. 

What the 1798 Sedition Act got right — and what it means today

Katlyn Marie Carter is an assistant professor of history at the University of Notre Dame and currently a fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study.