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The Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies

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Toward a Global Sanctions Compact for Long-Overdue Reform

George A. Lopez is the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.

Voice of America - Asia (Korean)

Expert panel ‘alternative’…‘Securing legitimacy and multilateral sanctions’ necessary

George Lopez, Professor Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, who served as a representative of the UN, discusses potential options of alternative organizations to replace the UN's North Korea Sanctions Committee expert panel, which ends its activities at the end of this month.

Daily Beast, HuffPost, Yahoo! News

Doubts Over Kristi Noem’s Alleged Meeting With Kim Jong Un: Report

“I don’t see any conceivable way that a single junior member of Congress without explicit escort from the U.S. State Department and military would be meeting with a leader from North Korea,” George Lopez, University of Notre Dame professor and expert on the rogue nation, told The Dakota Scout Thursday. 

It May Be Too Late to Stop North Korea From Firing Nukes

Solid-fuel rockets could up the tempo in a time of heightened tensions. The new missiles would be “easier for the North to mobilize quickly for deployment and use in a major missile attack that could be used against Japan, South Korea, or the U.S.,” said George A. Lopez, a professor of peace studies at the University of Notre Dame.


Will bitcoin help or hinder Ukraine's fight against Russian invasion?

But George Lopez at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana says that any Russian oligarch using a Swiss bank – long a favourite storage option because of the country’s strict banking privacy laws – and hoping to cash in millions of dollars worth of bitcoin would be likely to appear on the radar of numerous watchful Western governments.

United Nations, with its hands tied before the invasion of Russia (Naciones Unidas, con las manos atadas ante la invasión de Rusia)

"There is a particular evil or cruelty in the fact that Russia was in charge of the Security Council in the discussions of a pre-war situation, at the same time that that country was starting the war," said the professor from the University of Notre Dame, George Lopez. The United Nations expert also emphasizes that this power gave Russia the opportunity to delay "decisions and actions." ("Hay una maldad o crueldad particular en el hecho de que Rusia estaba a cargo del Consejo de Seguridad en las discusiones de una situación de preguerra, en el mismo momento en el que ese país estaba empezando la guerra", anota a Público el profesor de la Universidad de Notre Dame, George Lopez. El experto en Naciones Unidas recalca, además, que este poder le dio a Rusia la oportunidad de retrasar "decisiones y acciones.")

Unprecedented Western sanctions strangling Russian economy

“Everyone in the economic sphere, the banking sphere, knows we’re in new territory here—a coordinated shutdown of a country’s economy with the strongest arrow being in the heart of the banking sector,” said George Lopez, expert on economic sanctions at University of Notre Dame’s Keough School of Global Affairs.

The Conversation

US-EU sanctions will pummel the Russian economy – two experts explain why they are likely to stick and sting

David Cortright is affiliated with Win Without War. George A. Lopez is a Non-Resident Fellow with the Quincy Institute, Washington, D.C., and a U.S. Fulbright Senior Specialist in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies, 2018-2023.

Russia To Pay For Putin's Ukraine Invasion With Higher Inflation, Weaker Ruble, Slower Growth

Washington has "essentially put VTB in a straitjacket," George Lopez, a sanctions expert, told RFE/RL. "It can't move money in or out of Russia."

Real Clear Politics

Democracy Now! Debate: Would U.S. Sanctions Bill On Russia Prevent Military Conflict Or Make War More Likely?

Meanwhile, George Lopez, professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame's Kroc Institute, says sanctions can act as an effective deterrent to Russian aggression.

Middle East Eye

'Weaponised inflation': US sanctions driving Iran's soaring prices, report says

"It's not just sanctions that keep pharmaceuticals off the shelf. It's through these intervening dynamics that really give us all of a sudden a new set of policy hooks to try to remedy some of this," George Lopez, a sanctions expert and professor at the University of Notre Dame, told MEE.

Column: Can sanctions repel a Russian invasion of Ukraine?

“Targeted sanctions were supposedly going to focus narrowly on punishing the leaders most responsible for the terrible policies,” said George A. Lopez, a professor emeritus at the University of Notre Dame.

As Russia braces for battle, sanctions can still be a deterrent

George A. Lopez is professor emeritus at the Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame and author/editor of six books and 40 articles on economic sanctions.

Inkstick Media

Time to recalibrate US sanctions for human rights

George A. Lopez is the Hesburgh Professor of Peace Studies emeritus, at the Kroc Institute of the University of Notre Dame. 

Sunset for U.N. Sanctions?

“In my time, it was clear our young Chinese colleague was always bleary-eyed and tired because after a hard day of work on the panel, he was back on the phone at night with the Chinese authorities getting instructions,” said George Lopez, a professor emeritus at Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute who served on the North Korea panel in 2010 and 2011. 

Fact-checking Psaki's claim that there 'have not been sanctions put in place' on foreign leaders even in recent past

George Lopez, a University of Notre Dame professor who previously sat on a United Nations expert panel for monitoring and implementing sanctions on North Korea, interpreted Psaki's claim more generously than Hufbauer and Beck did.

Texas Public Radio

How Will The Biden White House Tackle Foreign Policy, Diplomacy In The Wake Of Trump's 'America First' Agenda?

George Lopez, Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., Professor Emeritus of Peace Studies at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame.

Joe Biden and new administration could restore economic sanctions

George Lopez is professor emeritus and a founding member with the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and is a nonresident fellow with the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

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