Christine Becker

Associate Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

Film, Television, and Theatre

230D DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Associate Professor, Film, Television, and Theatre

  • Film and television history
  • Critical analysis of film and television
  • Media industry studies
  • TV narrative and aesthetics
  • British television
  • Sports and television
  • Stardom and celebrity

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‘I got a check the other day for $8’: TV and film writers share why they’re on strike

Hollywood is a Wild West of work contracts. “It’s basically a freelance industry,” says Christine Becker, professor at the University of Notre Dame’s department of film, television and theatre. “You go from job to job,” and each contract can look different from writer to writer depending on their experience, for instance.

The New Republic

How the Writers’ Strike Will Actually Change TV

But that mid-2000s reckoning with “new media” pales in comparison with what’s at stake this year. “This strike isn’t just about technological change again,” Christine Becker, associate professor in the Department of Film, Television, and Theater at the University of Notre Dame, told me last week. “This time, as the WGA keeps saying, the stakes are existential. It’s not just that shows are migrating to online platforms, as they started to do in 2007–08. The entire infrastructure of the industry is changing now due to those platforms.”

Writers’ strike set to hit TV, movies hard: What you need to know

“The extent to which everything is moving over to streaming and with cord cutting, this is not just for the life of the next three years of this next contract, but almost generations-worth of labor in Hollywood is going to be affected by what happens with this deal,” said Christine Becker, an associate professor in University of Notre Dame’s Department of Film, Television and Theatre.