Timothy Matovina

Department of Theology


Professor and Chair

  • Latino Catholics
  • Catholicism in the United States

Matovina in the News

Eucharistic Revival seen as chance to minister with Latino Catholics

Timothy Matovina, a professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame who focuses on Latino Catholics, said that many Latinos "almost act sometimes as if the Eucharist is reserved for the most holy. You'll hear people say, 'Well, my parents were divorced, so I can't receive Communion,' which of course is not true."

Neighbors fear Hollywood’s hidden convent is about to go up for sale

“I suspect the sisters need to take up the matter with their fellow Dominican sisters who are their elected leaders,” said Timothy Matovina, a Catholic theology professor at the University of Notre Dame. 

Communion vote puts spotlight on Hispanic Catholics

“Among younger generations, the longer people spend in this country, the more support there is for abortion and other kinds of issues that tend to fall more on the Democratic side of the political spectrum. While in general Latinos are more firmly aligned with Catholic teaching, that tends to diminish the longer they are in the United States,” said Timothy Matovina, Latino and theology expert at the University of Notre Dame.