Thomas Gresik

Economics and Econometrics

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Professor of Economics and Econometrics

  • International trade and finance
  • Gas prices
  • Multinational enterprises
  • Tax policies and economy

Gresik in the News

Price of diesel fuel continues to fall

Video Audio

WSBT also spoke with Notre Dame Economics Professor Thomas Gresik who agrees diesel prices impact inflation due to high transportation demands. But, he says it’s not a major component.

Gas Prices Tumble in Time for Thanksgiving

"Gasoline prices have long exhibited a seasonal pattern in which prices rise in the first half of the year and fall in the second half," University of Notre Dame economics professor Thomas Gresik told Newsweek. "This pattern is due to the change from winter blend gas to summer blend gas."

Local economist weighs in on OPEC production cuts


“We’ve had restrictions on the ability of the Venezuelan producers, mainly Chevron, to be able to sell oil into the United States, so they’re just selling their oil elsewhere,” said Tom Gresik, Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame. “