Robin Jensen


240 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
(574) 631-0382

Patrick O'Brien Professor of Theology

  • Relics
  • Saints
  • Christian art and icons 
  • Early Christianity
  • Christianity in Roman North Africa
  • The Virgin Mary in Christian art
  • Christian rituals of initiation and ancient baptisteries
  • Christian architecture, churches, martyrs' shrines, cemeteries

Jensen in the News

Our Many Jesuses

According to Robin Jensen, an art historian and professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame, the Gospels give warrant for such variety, since they never physically describe Jesus and recount that, after his resurrection, some of his own disciples did not recognize him. For Christian Smith, a professor of sociology at Notre Dame, the proliferation of rival ideas of what Jesus stands for undermines the cultural authority of them all, by feeding into the “pluralistic, subjectivistic, relativistic” understanding of religion that prevails in contemporary America.