Peter Burns

Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

301W Stinson-Remick Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Henry J. Massman Chair and Professor of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences;
Director, Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame

  • Environmental mineralogy and crystallography
  • Mineral crystal structures and crystal chemistry
  • Mineral structural energetics
  • Mineral paragenesis
  • Nuclear waste disposal

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Burns in the News

Notre Dame's Science Policy Initiative holds public talk about nuclear energy

As part of its Michiana Science Café series, the Science Policy Initiative at Notre Dame presents “A Conversation About: Nuclear Facts, Fiction and Future” at 6 p.m. March 20 at the St. Joseph County Public Library, 304 S. Main St. Peter Burns, a professor in Notre Dame’s department of chemistry & biochemistry and civil and environmental engineering and Earth sciences, will talk about the current state of nuclear energy research in the United States and discuss the future implications of nuclear energy as an alternative energy source.

Race to block burial of nuclear waste by the Great Lakes over fear of tainting crucial fresh water supply

“One of them is commercial spent nuclear fuel, and that’s what the Canadian reactors tend to produce, and that’s what commercial power plants produce,” Peter Burns, director of the Center for Sustainable Energy at the University of Notre Dame, tells The Independent.

Featured in "What Would You Fight For"