Matthew Payne

Department of Film, Television, and Theatre


Associate Professor

  • Game studies
  • History of video games
  • Military entertainment
  • Digital culture
  • Media literacy 

Payne in the News

'GTA 6' Is Already Smashing Records

Matthew Thomas Payne, associate professor of media studies at the University of Notre Dame, explained why people loved GTA so much. "GTA is the 'Great American Sandbox Game.' It celebrates and critiques consumer excesses. It rewards player exploration and experimentation. And it updates American cultural myths and stories for new generations of players," he said.

The Street, 25+ others

Roblox Recent Controversy Part of Video Game History

Matthew Payne, associate professor of media studies the University of Notre Dame, said the majority of the Roblox player-community are children, a vulnerable user group; and, “any controversy where children might be harmed, would be terrible for the Roblox Corporation's bottom-line.”

Activision Blizzard Gender-Bias Suit Shows Videogame Culture Remains a Flashpoint

“Deeply entrenched gender inequities have made reform an uphill climb,” said a University of Notre Dame assistant professor, Matthew Thomas Payne, who studies the videogame industry.

From Super Mario to Zelda: Why vintage video games are selling for more than $1million

Matthew Payne, an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame, who specialises in media and video games studies, says he is not surprised at the spike in classic video game values.