John Behrens

Director, Office of Digital Strategy in the College of Arts & Letters; Director, Idzik Computing & Digital Technologies Program; Professor of the Practice of Technology & Digital Studies

Office of Digital Strategy, College of Arts & Letters; Idzik Computing and Digital Technologies Program

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Director, Office of Digital Strategy in the College of Arts & Letters; Director, Idzik Computing & Digital Technologies Program; Professor of the Practice of Technology & Digital Studies

  • AI in education and business
  • Generative AI (including ChatGPT and Midjourney)
  • Data science in education and business
  • AI, Data & Society 

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Can AI Be Conscious?

John T. Behrens, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Notre Dame, said that you can think of consciousness as having at least two interrelated ideas: autonomous action and self-awareness.

Battling Artificial Intelligence in the classroom

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Artificial Intelligence in the classroom has been a polarizing topic. But Notre Dame Professor John Behrens said, education is always changing to keep up with trends.

Experts weigh AI concerns amid regulation discussions

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“We definitely need regulation, we needed it yesterday, if not five years ago, because this is all getting away from us too quickly, and the real problem here is that there’s nobody in governments, who’s really tasked with understanding the powerful ability to use AI as a weapon,” said Dr. Lisa Schirch, Professor of the Practice at the Keough School of Global Affairs. Fellow Notre Dame Professor Dr. John Behrens also has concerns – especially when it comes to people using this technology inappropriately. "Now, it’s something that anybody can just download, or get access to, and start using, and that’s really going to cause some problems and that’s an area for concern for sure, and it might be an area for regulation,” said Dr. John Behrens, Notre Dame Director of College Technology Initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence’s Higher Value: Spurring New Managerial Thinking

“Almost all jobs will be affected by AI because the core tools of the business world are going to be AI-enhanced at some point, if they aren’t already," says John Behrens, Ph.D., professor and digital technologies leader at the University of Notre Dame.

Detroit Catholic, OSV News

Will AI serve or replace Hollywood's human writers on strike for better wages?

“There’s plenty of reason to be concerned,” said John Behrens, who manages the New AI Project at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, and directs technology initiatives for its College of Arts and Letters. “We’re definitely in uncharted territory — both ethically and legally, and operationally from an economic perspective.”


Generative AI: Exploring Ethics, Copyright and Regulation

John Behrens, University of Notre Dame professor of the practice of digital learning and director of the Idzik Computing & Digital Technologies Program, told CMSWire that prominent AI technologists, as well as industry leaders such as Elon Musk, are concerned that we've “let the genie out of the bottle” and do not sufficiently understand either how the new AI systems will behave or how humans behave when interacting with them.


AI Is Writing Books Faster Than Humans—Here's Why That's a Problem

"These systems are intelligent in the sense that they are excellent at mimicking the patterns of words humans use, but not so intelligent that they can check for appropriate meaning, use, or specific facts," John T. Behrens, a professor of the Practice of Digital Learning at the University of Notre Dame told Lifewire in an email interview. "We still need humans for that."