Jeffrey Harden

Political Science and Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics


Associate Professor

  • Political representation
  • Sunshine laws
  • State legislatures

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NC’s new photo ID requirement could cause confusion in the 2024 election | Opinion

The latest study, led by Notre Dame political scientist Jeffrey Harden, [was] published Feb. 6 in PNAS, a journal of the National Academy of Sciences.

Britain Introduces Voter ID, Joins a Growing Club of Countries Securing Their Elections.

The University of Notre Dame released a study this year that found that showing ID “motivated supporters of both parties equally” and has “little overall effect on the actual outcomes of… elections”.

Experts: Supreme Court shifting power to state legislatures

Jeff Harden, a political scientist at the University of Notre Dame, argues state legislatures have always held a lot of power, and the current trend in the Supreme Court isn’t giving them more.