Jeffrey Harden

Political Science and Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics


Andrew J. McKenna Family Professor

  • Political representation
  • Sunshine laws
  • State legislatures

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Concert ticket fiasco got Taylor Swift fans into politics

University of Notre Dame researchers Erin Rossiter, a professor of political science, and Jeff Harden, a professor in the political science department, tested a political science theory called “issue publics.”

The Justice Department wants to 'break up Live Nation.' Taylor Swift fans are ready for it.

Swift fans are “very good at bonding together, using their own time and resources to solve problems,” said Jeff Harden, a political science professor at the University of Notre Dame.

What does Kevin McCarthy being 'ousted' mean for the future?


Jeff Harden, American Political Science Professor at Notre Dame, says this momentous decision was not simply red versus blue. Matthew Hall, American Politics Professor at Notre Dame, said his jaw dropped watching this go down.

The News & Observer

NC’s new photo ID requirement could cause confusion in the 2024 election | Opinion

The latest study, led by Notre Dame political scientist Jeffrey Harden, [was] published Feb. 6 in PNAS, a journal of the National Academy of Sciences.

The National Pulse

Britain Introduces Voter ID, Joins a Growing Club of Countries Securing Their Elections.

The University of Notre Dame released a study this year that found that showing ID “motivated supporters of both parties equally” and has “little overall effect on the actual outcomes of… elections”.


Experts: Supreme Court shifting power to state legislatures

Jeff Harden, a political scientist at the University of Notre Dame, argues state legislatures have always held a lot of power, and the current trend in the Supreme Court isn’t giving them more.