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Nahlen in the News

Indy Star

'A new way of being': What could happen next in the coronavirus pandemic

“I would find it surprising if at this time next year we’re in the same situation where people are being asked to isolate and quarantine if infected with COVID,” said Dr. Bernard Nahlen, Director of the Eck Institute for Global Health at Notre Dame.

South Bend Tribune

Cases are down. Mask rules are lifting. We're all tired of COVID. But is the pandemic over?

“We can’t declare victory here in the United States against this virus and expect that it’s not going to come around to bite us again if we ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world,” said Bernard Nahlen, director of the Eck Institute for Global Health at the University of Notre Dame.

ABC 57

Distributing possible Covid-19 vaccine may be faced with challenges

"I will definitely be the first in line once it's my turn to get this vaccine," said Dr. Bernard Nahlen, a director at Notre Dame's Eck Institute for Global Health.