University mark now accessible on the Web

Author: Gail Hinchion Mancini

The University mark, a Notre Dame logo adopted on almost 1 million pieces of business material and more than 300 academic and administrative print publications and campus Web sites, is now accessible online for print and Web designers.

The mark can be found at . The site provides a comprehensive explanation of the mark, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in spring 2002. The purpose of the mark is to use the subtle communications power of identity design to communicate the University’s promise of academic excellence in the context of its Catholic faith tradition.p. “The mark is only the first step to present a cohesive and consistent picture of Notre Dame and its role as the nation’s premier Catholic university ? a beacon of truth in a world increasingly affected by moral challenges,” said Roberto Gutierrez, vice president for public affairs and communication.p. The creation of the mark involved the participation of more than 100 members of the campus community, as well as many alumni, friends and prospective students. “This team approach, based on market research, is a good example of the future of Notre Dame communications projects,” Gutierrez said.p. The mark is administered by University Communications Design, the University’s in-house graphic design agency. In addition to stationery and business cards, publications and Web sites, the department has created such supplemental materials as PowerPoint presentation templates, signage and promotional items for University programs and departments.p. The new Web site houses “downloadable” versions of the mark and customized versions designed specifically for University colleges and schools. A complete history of the mark and the guidelines for using the mark also are on the site.p. “UCD clients routinely tell us that they want the mark included on their publications,” said Laura Moran, interim general manager of UCD. “The Web site responds to their enthusiasm, and to the need to deliver the mark in a way that is effortless for the campus community.”p. All members of the University who have AFS accounts can access the site and download the mark files. External vendors can use to access information regarding usage of the mark, but will need to work through their campus clients to obtain files from the site.p. When users download mark files from the site, they are asked to complete a brief form that will allow UCD to keep track of how and where the mark is being used. Among advantages, this feature will allow UCD to determine if the suite of mark samples that the site provides is responsive to customer need.p. The site is accessible to users of Internet Explorer and Netscape. Versions below Netscape version 6 or Internet Explorer version 5 will not read the site, but the homepage provides links to the latest versions of those browsers.

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