University bars campus tailgating during games

Author: Dennis Moore

The University of Notre Dame no longer will permit tailgate parties while football games are under way in Notre Dame Stadium. The new policy is in response to a growing incidence of alcohol-related problems—including public intoxication, drinking games, gambling, fighting and vandalism—stemming from daylong parties that continue even as the games are being played.p. “This is not a prohibition of all tailgating,” stressed Phillip A. Johnson, assistant director of Notre Dame Security/Police, in announcing the new policy. "Tailgating before and after games is a great game-day tradition—a time for reunions of family, friends, and alumni—and the University is pleased to serve as the host for these gatherings. Increasingly in recent years, however, some people have used football Saturdays as simply an excuse to stage all-day drinking parties in the University’s parking lots, virtually oblivious to the games—and to the best interests of the great majority of our fans and guests.p.

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