Two campus construction projects to begin Feb. 19


Two major campus construction projects will begin the week of Feb. 19 and continue for several months at the University of Notre Dame.

The Utilities Department will begin installation of a new sanitary sewer from an underground main starting immediately east of Breen-Phillips Hall and extending south-southeast toward the intersection of the formerJuniper RoadandMoose Krause Drive. The work will begin Feb. 19 and continue through the spring.

MooseKrause Drive northof Notre Dame Stadium will be temporarily closed during some of this time. Future announcements related to its actual closure will be made to the campus community.

The work will result in large excavations in the affected areas, including through the Hesburgh Library quadrangle. Pedestrians in these areas are asked to be on alert for temporary construction fencing, barricades and warning signs. Disturbed areas will be restored to their current condition upon completion of the sewer installation.

Also beginning next week, the Office of the University Architect will begin work on the removal of the formerJuniper Roadbetween Notre Dame Stadium and theJoyceCenterto permit the installation of new chilled water lines, a utilities tunnel, primary electrical service, and to continue the sanitary sewer.The area will be restored to provide full accessibility to pedestrians in time for this years Commencement activities.

Work also will begin soon to construct a new service drive to the Hank, Galvin, Friemann and Lobund facilities. Access to the existing service area will be provided from the north by using the formerJuniper Road.

Additionally, work will start in early March to begin the phased removal of the formerJuniper Roadcurrently bisecting the B and C parking lots south of Notre Dame Stadium and the JoyceCenter. Faculty, staff and students assigned to these lots should access them from the two drives alongEdison Road, eastof the currentJuniper Roadand Edison intersection.The intersection north of Edison andJuniper Roadwill be temporarily closed during the reconfiguration and resurfacing of these parking lots but will reopen before Commencement.

Work will continue throughout the summer months and will result in the complete removal of the formerJuniper Roadand the construction of a new green space along that corridor. The remainder of the B and C parking lots south of both the stadium and theJoyceCenteralso will be reconfigured and resurfaced during this time.

While these projects will cause some temporary inconveniences to the Notre Dame community, the long-term benefits will include:

  • Replacement of over 2.5 acres of asphalt and concrete pavement with landscaping
  • Creation of a pedestrian-friendly plaza between the stadium and theJoyceCenter
  • An improved layout of theLibrary Circle, including additional parking spaces immediately adjacent to the east entrance to the Hesburgh Library for the disabled and for short-term parking
  • Shielded service areas at both the biological sciences and IT Center loading docks
  • An increase in the number of parking spaces for faculty, staff and off-campus students
  • The addition of trees to the B and C parking lots
  • A dedicated parking lot for patrons of Legends Restaurant and Alehouse Pub
  • Improved sewer service to Notre Dame Stadium, which will decrease the risk of flooding to adjacent buildings that have been prone to back-ups
  • The extension of utilities infrastructure for possible long-term campus expansion

Questions regarding these projects should be directed to the Office of the University Architect at 631-4200 or where they will be referred to the appropriate party.

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