Tuition, room and board charges announced for 2004-05

Author: Matthew V.Storin

Undergraduate tuition, room and board, and student fees at the University of Notre Dame will increase 6.9 percent for the 2004-05 academic year for a combined total cost of $36,930.p. With the increase, tuition and fees will be $29,512, a difference of $1,900 over the current year, and average room and board charges will be $7,418, a difference of $488.p. In a letter to parents of students returning for the next academic year, Notre Dame’s president, Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., noted that in a time of a slowly recovering economy, “We have cut costs while diligently protecting the priorities of our academic mission and the quality of student life.”p. He added that student charges remain “significantly lower” at Notre Dame than at 17 of the other U.S. News&World Report top 20 universities.p. Father Malloy said, “The impressive increases in our student financial aid resources in recent years continue to emphasize the University’s strong commitment to keep its net costs affordable for all families.”p. Other tuition increases, all 7 percent, will bring totals to $28,970 for the Graduate School, and $29,740 for both the Law School and Master’s of Business Administration program.

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