Tuition, room and board announced for 2006-07

Author: Michael O. Garvey


Undergraduate tuition at the University of Notre Dame will increase 5.8 percent for the 2006-07 academic year to $33,407, and average room and board rates will be $8,730 for a combined total cost of $42,137.

In a letter to parents and guardians of students returning for the next academic year, Notre Dames president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., took note of the challenges presented by rising costs to all institutions of higher education.

Notre Dameremains firmly committed to being affordable and accessible to a talented and diverse student body,Father Jenkins said.He noted that the Universitys total student charges remain below the average of the other top 20 universities as determined by the annual U.S. News&World Report survey ofAmericas best colleges, and the University continues to be listed as abest valuein major college and university rankings.

Father Jenkins also mentioned the responsibility of Notre Dame and its peer universitiesto attract and sustain a superb faculty, administer and maintain a large and complex physical plant, and secure a peaceful, hopeful and pleasant environment for our students.

For Notre Dame, Father Jenkins further added thatunlike these other and undoubtedly great universities, many of which were inspired and founded as religious institutions, Notre Dame is committed to unite and integrate its aspirations to academic excellence and religious faith.

Other tuition increases, all 5.8 percent, will bring totals to $32,800 for theGraduateSchool, and $33,670 for both theLawSchooland the Masters of Business Administration program.

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