Tuition increase for 2000-01 announced

Author: Dennis K. Moore

Total undergraduate costs for the 2000-01 academic year at the University of Notre Dame will go up 5.2 percent to $29,100 while University-administered financial aid will rise an estimated 14.4 percent.p. The rise in tuition, fees and room and board, the lowest percentage increase in two decades, was announced in a letter to parents of freshmen, sophomores and juniors from Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., president of Notre Dame. Tuition will be $23,180 and average room and board $5,920.p. Father Malloy emphasized that University-administered scholarship aid has increased over the past five years at a rate three times that of student charges and totaled $27.8 million to about 2,800 students this academic year. “We leave the 1990s giving more scholarship dollars to the first-year class than we spent on the entire student body coming into the decade,” he noted in the letter. The University now meets the full need of every admitted student and is turning its attention to reducing the loan portion of its aid packages, Father Malloy added.p. When compared to universities of comparable academic quality, Notre Dame is less expensive. Notre Dame’s total costs, for example, are lower than all but two of the schools ranked with it among the top 20 national universities in the widely cited U.S. News&World Report rating of baccalaureate education. This academic year, Notre Dame was 78th in total costs among 123 private institutions of higher learning in the United States.p. Other tuition increases approved at a recent board of trustees meeting are Graduate School, up 5.2 percent to $23,080, and the Law School and M.B.A. program, up 5.1 percent to $23,780.

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