Three faculty members earn national fellowships

Author: Erik Runyon

The Carnegie Corporation, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation (WWNFF) and the James McKeen Cattell Fund recently awarded fellowships to three University of Notre Dame faculty members.

Asma Afsaruddin, an associate professor of classics who specializes in Islam and Arabic literature, was awarded a Carnegie Scholars Fellowship from the Carnegie Corporation ofNew Yorkfor the 2005-06 academic year.She will pursue research on a book titledStriving in the Path of God: Discursive Traditions on Jihad and the Cult of Martyrdom,which examines the earliest meanings of the termsjihadandshahidand how their complex semantic history affects our understanding of these terms.

The Carnegie Scholars Program supports research that broadens societys knowledge of Islam as a religion and of Muslim culture in theUnited Statesand abroad.

Ke-Hai Yuan, an associate professor of quantitative psychology who focuses on psychometric theory and multivariate statistics, received a James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowship to pursue research on a project titledDevelopment of Statistical Modeling Methods for Analysis of Social and Behavioral Science Data.

The Cattell Fund supports scientific research that advances the useful application of psychology, and supplements a scholars sabbatical allowance for two semesters.

Theresa Delgadillo, an assistant professor of English who specializes in Latino/a literary and cultural studies, was awarded a fellowship from the WWNFF.She will pursue research on a book titledSpiritual Mestizaje: Religion, Race, Gender and (Trans)Nation in Contemporary Chicana Narrative.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation includes funding for research in three areas: Liberal arts Renaissance, access and opportunity, and partnerships for learning.

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