Students to collect canned goods for food bank

Author: Michael O. Garvey


More than 125 Notre Dame students are distributing flyers in area neighborhoods this week announcing a Saturday (April 8) collection of canned goods to benefit the Food Bank ofNorthern Indiana.

The effort is jointly sponsored by Notre Dames Center for Social Concerns and the food bank.Participating students will distribute the flyers door-to-door in neighborhoods throughoutSouth Bendand will return Saturday to pick up the donated food from doorsteps.

In a similar effort last year, Notre Dame students collected 6,500 pounds of food.

The food drive is a great way to encourage students to be aware of the hunger needs in South Bend andhow they can provide the ‘people powerto partner with the Northern Indiana Food Bank to help meet those needs,said Rosie R. McDowell, director of student outreach for service and social action at the Center for Social Concerns.

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