Streaming video site opens @

Author: Gail Hinchion Mancini

The University of Notre Dame has launched a new Internet communications site that will provide the University community and the general public with streamed video depictions of past and present scenes of campus life. The site is called the Video Gallery and can be found at , on the University’s “Sights and Sounds” site. Varied selections include historic film from the visits of U.S. presidents and current presentations by the admissions and sports information offices. The site also houses original videos produced by students of the Department of Film, Television and Theatre (FTT).p. The streaming project represents a collaboration among web administration, public relations and information, Notre Dame archives, sports information and FTT.p. Notre Dame has provided live streaming of events such as Commencement and last fall’s speech by Democrat vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Lieberman. In contrast, the “Sights and Sounds” site will host archived streamed footage that can be called up at a user’s leisure.p. "We’re moving into the next generation of the Web, " said Tom Monaghan, director of Web Administration. “We’re trying to find ways of using these technologies to engage Notre Dame Web site users.”p. The “Sights and Sounds” site, found at , previously housed a virtual postcard link and a photo gallery. The site has been expanded to offer 360-degree images of popular campus sites, an audio site featuring the “Notre Dame Fight Song” and “Notre Dame Our Mother,” and an updated and enlarged photo gallery. Campus Webcams, one of the University’s most frequently visited Web sites, also is on the “Sights and Sounds” page.

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