Professors edit new book on the significance of the euro

Author: Shannon Roddel and Kelly Roberts


Robert M. Fishman, professor of sociology, and Anthony M. Messina, associate professor of political science at the University of Notre Dame, have edited a new book titledThe Year of the Euro: The Cultural, Social, and Political Import of Europes Common Currency.

Published as part of a Kellogg Institute for International Studies and Notre Dame Press monograph series titledContemporary European Politics and Society,the book examines the wide-ranging importance ofEuropes new currency (first circulated in January 2002) beyond its most obvious impact on financial markets and the economy.

Essays inThe Year of the Eurooffer the assessments of leading scholars of European history, political science, sociology and law on the currency change which involved the 12 participating member states of the European Union.Contributing authors debate whether the new common currency will reshape the continents cultures, societies and political systems.

A faculty fellow in the Kellogg Institute and Nanovic Institute for European Studies at Notre Dame, Fishman is the author ofDemocracys Voices: Social Ties and the Quality of Public Life in SpainandWorking Class Organization and the Return to Democracy in Spain.

Messina, also a faculty fellow in the Kellogg and Nanovic Institutes, is the author of a new book on the logics and politics of post-World War II migration to Western Europe, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press, andRace and Party Competition inBritain.He is the editor ofWest European Immigration and Immigrant Policy in the New Century.

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